Have never seen such ‘Thick Skin’ Government: Ex CM Siddramaiah


The Central Govt. is giving any value, have never seen such thick skin (fatty) govt. they aren’t listening to us or even are replying to the letters. They are busy in money making fired the Ex CM Siddramaiah against the Central Govt.

Speaking at the press conference regarding the flood situation at the North Karnataka the Ex CM SIddramaiah fired both the state and central govt. He raised a question as where should the Minister be at the time of flood. Instead of controlling the flood the Ministers are busy at the by polls. They won’t reply to any of our letters. They won’t consider our suggestions and said I have never seen such thick skin govt.

He further added as it had been raining since 10th till the 15th of this month. The respective Ministers should stay at their constituencies. The houses and the walls of the brooks have broken but yet the reliefs haven’t been given. The public has become helpless. The state govt. isn’t doing anything and the central even isn’t responding. The state govt. isn’t forcing the central. The central govt. should declare this as a national disaster demanded the Ex CM Siddramaiah.

Reacting to the PM’s tweet in Kannada he said someone writes the script and hands it over and then the PM posts it to the social medias, but by posting such things does it means one is standing with the Kannadigas? That Surya went to the Bengal and only by speaking in Bengali will the public listen to him? Seeking this he fired against the Surya in a singular tone.