Heavy crowd at the Flower market of Belagavi – in the joy of festival people ignore the jeopardy of Corona.


A heavy crowd has been noticed at the flower market today since the morning at Belagavi at the backgrounds of Diwali shopping. The flower that has arrived from the local and the nearby districts has got a huge demand. At all this exultation the people have become careless towards the Corona and have thrown all the Covid-19 guidelines to air.

It was assumed as the market will be having a lesser crowd compared to every year at the backgrounds of pandemic Corona but, the usual crowd of every festive season has been noticed even today that too in such critical condition.

The rates are noticed to be hiked a little than usual but that hasn’t affected the buyers. Looking at the crowd the only thing that strikes to the minds is like can the joy of festival make people completely forget the jeopardy of the deadly Corona?