Hopes of unanimous selection of all the places of DCC Bank: DCM Laxman Savadi


As per the BJP seniors orders the unanimous selection of the members of the Belagavi Dist. DCC Bank is being made. The selection of 7 members has been completed. For the selection of the Khanapur Ramdurga and Bailhongal taluks PKPS members are being consoled by all the BJP leaders said the DCM and the Transport Minister Laxman Savadi.

Speaking at a private hotel at Belagavi the DCM said for the selection of 16 representatives the election was announced on 6th of the November and accordingly the last date for the nomination was fixed today. He added as for the well sake of the dist. public and the bank the unanimous selection was guided by the seniors of the BJP. Already 7 PKPS members have been selected and the trails for the selections of the Khanapur, Ramdurga and Bailhongal PKPK members are being made. The selection of the rest 6 area members is easy he said. Khanapur MLA Anajali Nimbalkar has said she won’t be taking back the nomination setting aside the party differences will be trying to console her.

At the same time MLA Balchandra Jarkiiholi said last time the difference of opinion have raised among the public representatives in regards to the DCC Bank, but by the same Bank Minister in the visions of Ramesh Jarkiholi, DCM Laxman Savadi, and MLA Umesh Katti all the BJP leaders have united and are facing the elections. We will make the unanimous selections.