I have requested as to give the ticket to the Angadi Family if not then to me – Ramesh Katti


Speaking after the victory as a president of the DCC Bank MLA Ramesh Katti seeking answer to the medias about Belagavi Assembly election said I firstly have requested as to give the ticket to the family member of the Late Union Minister Suresh Angadi, and only if the ticket is not given even after rejecting the family member then I too will call myself as deprived. When the media asked as there is only Belagavi assembly where the seat is open he replied as I don’t have the mindset as I should gain the power or authority. Have born as a human being and will serve the people as the same either in the power or not.

He further humorously replied to the question as nowadays he is speaking more spiritually he said it is because he has been reading such books and if met in person then will make as your anger goes down and you gain a mental peace.

About the Umesh Karri he said he is a gem as he has served long period as a MLA and he has a faith has one or the other day he will be gaining the Minister Post.