If such things happens to the MLA like me then what about the commons? MLA Devanand Chavan


The Nagthan MLA Devanand Chavan had paid visit to the SP at Vijaypur today at the backgrounds of the life threatens that have been given to him recently. He was willing to appeal for the security as well as to register the case against the threats. The MLA that was disappointed over the failure of the meet with the SP said the law and order at the Bhima shore has been spoilt completely. The police officials are sitting with their eyes shut. He added as it has been a week since the incident has taken place but the Police haven’t responded anything yet said him angrily.

Have informed through the phone call on the day the incident has taken place and the whole state has come to know about the incident through the medias. Even in such situations the Police aren’t responding. What about the common people if such things happen to a MLA like me? Asked the MLA at the end.