If won’t stop the Vidyagama Project within Monday then will set protest in front of the CM’s residence – Ex CM Kumarswami.


Already the Corona has taken nearly 100 oblations of the teachers. Does this State Govt. has any common sense? Is the Vidyagama Project is need in such dilemmatic situation? Don’t play with the lives of the teachers, the project should be stopped within Monday. If not then will set protest in front of the CM’s residence said the Ex CM Kumarswami.

Speaking to the private channel the Ex CM has given deadline till Monday. He further questioned as the govt. isn’t having money to pay salary to the teachers and what facility is it providing by the Vidyagama Project? Does the education minister have least humanity? Nothing happens if the student won’t get education for a year.

He further sparked as the govt. is trying to loot under the pretext of the Corona. If the govt. had common sense then it would have never started such project and he assured the teachers as if the govt. threatens as the salary won’t be paid then I will be protesting along with you regardless of life.