Illegal liquor seller arrested in Kakati.


An accused has been arrested who had been illegally selling liquor of different brands. by the CCIB CPI Sanjiv Kamble and staff.

Since many days a person named Maruti Basavanni Talwar (55) was illegally selling the liquor of different brands at double cost, regarding this the villagers have complained the police but no actions were taken by them. But on the definite sources the CCIB officials on Saturday noon have taken an action and have arrested the accused with bottles of Whiskey, Rum, and Beer of different brands.

The villagers have informed as some political heads are at the support of those illegal liquor sellers and bootleggers. And they also appealed the excise dept. and the police officials to give a break to the bootlegging which is more in their areas.

Just before some days an owner of the Dhaba selling liquor as openly as the bars had been arrested by ACP Mahantesh Jiddi and now CCIB has successfully raid the Kakati zone.