Inauguration of BJP executives meet at Manglore


A BJP Executives Special Meet was inaugurated by the CM B S Yadiyurappa at Manglore.

Speaking after the inauguration the CM said will put break to the religion conversion on the basis of money or love. To prohibit the ‘Love Jihad’ at the state some strict actions will be taken soon.

He added as the state is growing in an exemplary manner in the nation, the drugs mafia is being wiped out. With the support of 18 members we have came to the power again. The BJP govt. will come to power one more time at the state and at the guidance of the PM Narendra Modi a better administration will be provided. The empowerment of the BJP is our ultimate aim. Further he said as we can’t take any election lightly we should come to power in the upcoming elections and through coming into power should serve the people.

He expressed his confidence of winning over the two by-polls saying as will lead RR Nagar with 40,000 votes and Sira by 25,000 votes. He further informed about some projects to be started by the govt.