Indian National Animal noticed at Jamboti – Kanakumbi road – Belagavi


An Indian National Animal, Tiger has been noticed by the passerby at the Jamboti-Kanakumbi road of the Belagavi Dist. on the eve of Wednesday. The video of royal walk of the tiger is hitting viral at the social medias.

It isn’t the first time as the wild animals have been noticed in the way of Jamboti-Kanakumbi. Earlier the videos of the Cheetah and the Bison went viral on the social medias captured by the passerby. Even the wild bear attack on the farmers had also been noticed. But now it is getting more viral as the noticing of the tiger itself is a pride for some.

In total the less traffic during the lockdown has given a free atmosphere to the wild animals to enter the streets, so it would be better if the passerby keep the windows close during crossing the forest areas and keep their cameras on as well.