It doesn’t become ultimate Veda if said by B K Hariprasad, has he seen us eating opium? B C Patil.


As a reverse shot to the statement of B K Hariprasad as BJP senior leaders themselves used to have opium, Agriculture Minister B C Pail has said B K Hariprasad isn’t Bramha, and his statement isn’t any sentence of Veda.

Monday while visiting the BJP office at Sadashiv Nagar, Belagavi gave a reply to the allege of Cogress MLC B K Hariprasad as the BJP senior leaders too have the opium, saying as when he has seen our leaders consuming opium? If he has seen the leaders consuming opium then why hasn’t he said it before? Why was he silent for these many days? It isn’t apt to blame just like that.

And replying to the another statement of the MLC as we won’t even prepare our foes like RSS, the minister said who were responsible for the quarrels of SDIP, KG Halli and DJ Halli? Who did the quarrel? Those who are preparing the foes those are traitors. The Congress people stimulate communal riots. Properties have been damaged, many have lost their lives.

By the time many BJP officials including Murghendra Patil were present.