It has been a recent culture of the BJP- D K Sihvkumar reacts on the atrocity over the Corporation member.


The BJP has adjusted a new culture and thinks as they can do anything, there isn’t control of anyone over the BJP said the KPCC President D K Shivkuamar.

Reacting to the medias on the atrocity over the Mahalingpur Corporation member Chandni Nayak and the Congress candidate of the Corporation election Savita Hurkadli by the Terdal BJP MLA Siddu Savadi and his followers he said this is what is a culture of BJP. In state it is like the BJP leaders can do anything they want. There isn’t any control over the MLAs and the leaders of the BJP. Form the corporator till the Councilor such issues are taking place but they aren’t coming to light.

The police register particular case on them but here even though the act has taken place in front of the police they haven’t taken any actions yet. We are waiting as what actions they will take against the Siddu Savadi. We will talk after their actions. And finally concluded saying as I leave this matter over CM’s discretion.