It isn’t Muniratna that has won at the RR Nagar it is ‘Money Ratna’ poked JDS


In total 7 rounds of the counting have been completed at the RR Nagar assembly by-election and the BJP candidate Muniratna has been leading. While there is a tussle between the Congress and BJP the JDS has been left far behind.

The Muniratna that is almost at the peak of the success has been critically poked by the JDS leader T A Sharwan. He humorously stated as at the RR Nagar it isn’t Muniratna that has won its money Ratna. Which seems to be alleging as the Muniratna has won the battle by the money power?

He added as our leader Kumarswami has previously clarified as it is difficult to win as the confirmation of the candidate has been delayed by us and alleged as here the money election has took place.