JDS is a party that forms Govt. with backing – Siddramaiah jest.


JDS doesn’t has strength to come into power by its own. JDS overall is a party that comes into power with backing, jested the Ex CM Siddramaiah.

Taking part at the party inclusion program of the JDS leaders Hanumantrayappa’s daughter Kusuma Ravi and the other members of the Sira constituency the EX CM poked jokes about the unification, psychopath, and technicality of the JDS. He said in his opinion the JDS isn’t a political party; it doesn’t has the capability to come into power it only knows about forming the govt. with backing.

He further added as I heard Ex CM Kumarswami has shed tears but I don’t know why he shed tears. Since Devegaouda’s period the tear shedding drama has continued. He cautioned the activists as don’t fool yourselves for Kumarswami’s tears, the JDS will be forming internal agreement with the BJP.

Speaking by the time KPCC President D K Shivkumar said the candidates list of the Sira and Rajarajeshwari by-elections and the assembly election will be sent to the high-command. The national leaders will take the ultimate decisions. Though many will try wiles but the victory will be ours.

He further added as in the last election our senior leader Jayachandra lost by 10,000 votes. This time the whole dist. together will work for the victory of the party. More than 100 advocates and leaders of Sira have joined the party. This election will be held in the leadership of T B Jayachandra, Dr. G Parmeshwarappa, Rajanna and Chardrappa. I too will be hailing responsibilities along with Siddramaiah and other leaders.