Joint Press Conference of the Minister B C Patil and S T Somshekhar – APMC and Land Reform Acts.


Agriculture Minister B C Patil expressed as the APMC Act and Land Reform Acts by the Central Govt. led by PM Narendra Modi is welcomed as provides freedom to the farmers.

Today the Agro Minister B C Patil and the Co-operation Minister S T Somshekhar called a joint press conference with regards to the APMC act and the Land Reform act. Speaking first the Agro Minister said with this act the farmer will be free from the clutches of the mediators. Many kinds of charges were made on the farmers. The farmers were being exploited. He said the APMC won’t close. The vendors used to get more brokerages from the farmers. To prevent this central govt. has made the amendment. The bill has been passed in the state as well. The farmers won’t get deceived by these acts.

Next to him spoke the Co-operation minister S T Somshekhar said no farmers have condemned the Bills. The farmer is now free to sell his product anywhere he wants. They were fined if tried to sell outside the APMC. If the farmer is getting good money then let him sell where he wants. 50 MNCs have got permission. There are 167 APMCs at the state. The detailed report about the working if these APMCs will be out soon.