Joyous celebration of Vishvakarma Jayanthi at Belagavi


Belagavi Dist. Administration in association with the Kannada and Cultural Dept. organized the celebration of Vishvakarma Jayanthi at the Basavaraj Kattimani Conference hall.

Since 5 years the Karnataka Govt. is holding up the ritual of Vishvakarma Jayanthi on September 17th. On behalf of that today the celebration was held at the Basavraj Kattimani conference hall Belagavi. The officers of Dist. Administration office and the social heads and the workers paid a tribute to the portrait of Vishvakarma and prayed delightfully.

Speaking by the time the leader of Shahpur Vishvakarma Society, Ashok Sangav said with the efforts of K P Nanjundi State Head of Vishvakarma society the celebration of Vishvakarma Jayanti is being held on 17th of the September since 5 years. This time more numbers of members of Shahpur Vishvakarma Society has participated in the celebration. He said they will be supportive to all the works of uniting the people and uplifting of the society.

By the time ADC Ashok Dudagunti, Deputy Director of Kannada and Cultural Dept. Vidyavati Bhajantri, and the residents of Vishvakarma Society, Prabha Pattar, Janardhan Badiger, Anil Saali, Krishna Kadkol were present.