Kannada implementation progress verification convention at Belagavi


At the conference hall of the DC office on Saturday a convention of progress verification Kannada Implementation was held. The Belegavi DC M G Hiremath at the convention said the portraits of Gnanapeetha awardees as Kannada hoardings are mandatory.

Speaking at the presidency of the convention the DC informed as it is mandatory to have the portraits of the Gnanapeetha Awardees at every govt. schools and offices and it is mandatory for every shop to have a Kannada hoarding.

The DC strictly said as regardless of the medium every govt. school should mandatorily affix the portraits and the shop owners regardless of their mother tongues should mandatorily affix Kannada hoardings.

The DC has informed to issue notices to those that were absent at the convention and has also warned of strict actions if repeated the same.

Speaking next him DCP Vikram Amte said the police department has decided to issue notices and the fines in Kannada language, and not just this many other things will be taking place keeping Kannada as a central language.