KRV sets protest condemning the Maratha Development Authority: expresses anger against the CM


A senior pro Kannada fighter Kasturi Bhavi setting a protest with her followers at the Chennamma Circle at Belagavi expressed anger against the CM as he didn’t allot a single penny for the celebration of the Karnataka Rajyotsava but now to win the hearts and votes of the Maratha voters has formed the Maratha Development authority and has reserved 50 crore sanctions.

The protest has been set at the backgrounds of the other pro and against discussions against the decision of the CM as to form a Maratha Development Authority. The protesters toady at the Chennamma Circle voiced slogans against the CM and burnt his portraits as well as beaten the same with the slippers.

The Kannada Pro organizations demanding the closure of the authority have given call for Karnataka Band on December 5. The protesters demanded as the money that has been sanctioned should be utilized to the flood victims instead of the establishment of the Authority.