KUWSDB director Deepa Kudachi visits STP pipelines work at Ramdurga


Sunday the director of Karnataka Urban Water Supply And Drainage Board Deepa Kudachi visited the Padakoti and Halagati villages of the Ramdurga taluk and inspected the STP pipeline works.

The pipeline project is being held under the sanctions of 9.80 cr. rupees.

Speaking by the time the director reported as she has come to visit the STP pipeline works which was stuck because of some technical reasons. She met the local MLA Mahadevappa Yadawad and the officials and discussed about the works. She informed the officials to complete the work in a rapid pace.

By the time MLA Mahadevappa Yadawad, Executive Engineer Chandrappa V L, AEE Suresh Marnal, Satish Shahpurkar and others were present.