Life becomes clutter after the heavy rain at the Hukkeri: the flood like river takes 1 oblation.


Due to the heavy rain on Sunday the brook and ditches got filled and the water flew through the heart of the city which made a huge loss by entering the doors of many houses and the shops. Not just the household materials but even the cars and bikes have flown away to the force of the water and the streets have got severely damaged. As the rain has given a little break the corporation officers have visited the place and have taken the repair work into charge.

The flood has brought 10 houses to the ground level at the Bombay Chal and Kambar Gully, due to which the families have come to street to whom the municipality is providing food and shelter, many vehicles have got damaged and a electrical pole has fallen on the truck parked by the bypass road. The team led by Tahshildar Ashok Gurani and the Municipality chief officer Mohan Jadhav has surveyed the city and has assured to pay for the losses.

The locals have alleged as the flood they noticed was never ever seen before but it is due to the unscientifically constructed channel beside the municipality office and the overlapping of the gutters and the channels at the bypass road and Gajabarwadi that they have noticed such flood. They demanded as the channels should be restructured by clearing the overlapping at the areas.

And it is also noticed as a 52 year old man namely Aslam Meerasab Allahkhan has lost his life while trying to save his materials from flowing out of the garage. It is said as the man tried to save his garage material but as the shed fell over he couldn’t save his own life and got drowned in the water and has breathed last. Regarding this a case has been registered at the Hukkeri Police Station.