Major changes after the by-elections at the Congress – S T Somshekhar


The Congress leaders themselves are waiting for their defeat. The defeat of the Congress at both RR Nagr and Sira is definite.after the by poll results there will be major changes at the Congress party said the Cooperative Minister S T Somshekhar.

Speaking to the medias at the Mysore he said the Congress leaders are mutually waiting for their defeat. The opposition leader Siddramaiah’s group alleges the KPCC President D K Shivkumar’s group. Both of them are planning to take one another off from the party. The internal conflicts of the Congress are being seen publically and to hide these thing the opposition leader Siddramaiah keeps alleging the CM B S Yadiyurappa.

The BJP will gain the victory at both the areas and the Congress will get defeated due to its internal conflicts.