Manhandling of an aged person by the DC office Staff at Belagavi


The DC office staff manhandling an aged person namely Basangouda Bharamgoudar resident of Marakatti village of Kittur taluka has took place at Belagavi. The staff has attacked on the old man that had visited the land department in regards to some land dispute and has pushed him by his neck.

The staff has also used some uneasy language. The old man that had become victim of such has requested the medias to provide justice to him.

As per the sources the man has been visiting the office since 31 years requesting to resolve the dispute and today the same way has requested the staff but the staff has behaved in a ill manner way.

The old man speaking by the time made some serious alleges as the staff in the land department of the office doesn’t work properly has kept many disputes pending. He added as even though has complained the civil commission the responses haven’t yet been noticed.