Mask and Sanitizers distribution by the Anjuman trust at the Backgrounds of the Eid-Milad


The covid-19 is still prevailing in the nation. The precautions are essential for the prevention of the disease. At such backgrounds the Anjuman-E-Islam trust the masks and sanitizers were distributed at many areas of the city and the awareness of the disease were spread. Many leaders and the youth workers of the trust were active participants of the event.

At the Backgrounds of the Birth Anniversary of Mohammed Paigambar that is celebrated as the Eid-Milad the Anjuman trust members distributed the sanitizers and masks at the mosques of the city and then at the main circles of the city they distributed the same and appealed the public with the importance of the precautionary measures.

Speaking by the time the Director of the trust said the pandemic hasn’t gone out of the nation yet so the precautions are very essential. If the public forgets the mask sanitizers and other things then the problem may surely occur. So we have taken charge of the awareness programme.