Massive protest by the Lingayat Organization at the DC Office at Belagavi


Condemning the dismantling of the statue of Lord Basavanna at the Bjiaguppi of Ramdurga Taluka the Lingayat Organization at Belagavi has set a protest.

At the backgrounds of the dismantlement of the statue of Lord Basavanna at Ramdurga’s Bijaguppi the Lingayat organization has set a massive protest and has appealed for the arrest of the accusers.

They appealed as dismantling of the statue of Lord Basavanna that has set apart the socio evils like cast discrimination and many other things is really condemnable. It is a massive dishonor to the disciples of the Basavanna. The dismantling of the statues of great personalities have been repeating so the arrest of such mischievous is essential as well as the strict actions so that such acts must not get repeated.

They issued a memo to the CM Yadiyurappa through the DC and have appealed for the fulfillment of their demand of arresting the accusers.