MES leaders at the Doorsteps of the Commissioner office seeking permission for the celebrations of the Black Day on 1st November.


The MES leaders of the Belagavi Unit have now hiked the doorsteps of the Commissioner Office seeking permission for the celebration of the Black Day on November 1st.

On 1st November at one side the celebration will be at peak of the Karnataka Rajyotsava at one side and on the other side the MES will be organizing the celebration of the Black Day and Cycle rally. This time the rally and the processions have been cancelled due to the pandemic Corona yet the MES has been appealing for the permission for the rally of Black Day. Today with the leadership of the MES president Deepak Dalvi the leaders of the MES appealed the Commissioner.

The president of the MES said they will be celebrating the Black Day following the Covid-19 Guidelines, and appealed the Market ACP Kattimani, ACP Chandrappa and CPI Javed Mushapure and asked to provide them a way to appeal the govt. and to express their feelings.

The Ex MLA Manohar  Kinekar, Malojirao Ashtekar and others were present by the time.