Minister of Health and Family Affairs Sriramulu requests the doctors as not to protest.


Speaking to the medias the minister said, he has heard as the doctors and the medical officers are intending to hold a protest who have served days and nights at the time of pandemic with regards to that he requested all the doctors and the medical officers as not to protest. He informed as the President of the Doctor’s Ass. Srinivas and his team has met the CM and have submitted the memo of their demands.

He informed as the first demand of the salary hike will be discussed soon as the meeting has been called by 3’o clock, and have also discussed about it with Ass. President Srinivas. He assured as their demands will be brought into notice and will be fulfilled as they have served the days and night at the emergency of Covid. He said the protest at this time when the pandemic is on top will create a huge disturbance to the public life.

Finally he said he has observed all the doctors who have served in the 30 districts of the state and as an respect to their efficient service we will surely fulfill their demands.