Minister Sriramulu clarifies s there is no interference of CM’s son in the Health Dept.


Helath Minister Sriramulu clarifies as there isn’t any interference of CM Yadiyurappa’s son Vijayendra in the health dept. He said this is just a rumor.

Speaking to the medias at Kalburgi the minister said it is true the doctors have met Vijayendra there they had a discussion about their problems for which he has replied as the disputes can be resolved by discussing with the CM. There isn’t any interference in the Health dept. How is it possible to say as not to be active only because he is a son of CM? Don’t let any confusion to arise depending on the rumors.

He further said as within two days the doctors will receive good news. Some of the doctor’s demands will be fulfilled. I have a faith as doctors won’t come forward to protest.

CM is proceeding to Delhi for the discussions of deluge and some other issues not for the expansion of the session. The expansion of the session before the proceeding of it is doubtful said the minister.