MLA Anil Benake inaugurates the attractive lighting works at the Belagavi.


One or the other special work is being inaugurated since the Belagavi has been added to the list of the Smart Cities. Every effort is being made to make the city look attractive and now the same way the work of making the main streets of the city looks attractive by installing the electrical lights has been inaugurated by the MLA Anil Benake.

The Belagavi city is known for its own specialties. Many leaders form Gandhi till the Modi have visited the Belagavi. Such city is now proceeding towards the developments of being a smart city. Many development work including the development of the streets are being carried at the city, and now the installation of the attractive lighting to the main streets of the city thorough which many processions are carried is being done.

The MLA Anil Banake along with giving start to the lighting work gave start to the road repair work of Ganpat Galli as well.