MLA Yatnal re established the Tweet war against the CM Yadiyurappa.


The MLA Basangouda Yatnal of the own party of the CM B S Yadiyurappa has re-established the tweet war against him. With the series of tweets the MLA has expressed his disappointment with CM.

Has been working as the sound of the public for the development of the Karnataka. Have been working as a public representative with the conscience, but has not bent in front of anyone to become the Minister and that isn’t my habit as well with such tweet the MLA Yatnal has raged at the twitter.

Whereas this all is happening on one side on the other side the followers of the MLA are taking out their rage against the Son of CM Yadiyurappa. They have given a stern warning as if the one who is running politics on his father’s name speaks just about the North Karnataka then will not sit quite. The followers have said as the MLA Yatnal was first to raise voice on behalf of the flood victims. They further have tagged the paper clipping of the CM with his son saying as will win the two by –polls with the leadership of BYV and have expressed their anger.

They further have raised a question on the major leaders of BJP including the PM and the Union Home Minister and have seek the answer from the CM as what is their role. They have given a stern warning to the CM to stop giving the statements in regards to his son’s infatuation and to work for the flood victims of the North Karnataka.