Muniratna will win with the lead of 30-40 thousand votes: S T Somshekhar


Co-operation Minister S T Somshekhar speaking to medias at Mysore has expressed the victory of the BJP at the RR Nagar by-elections.

Asserting to the question of the medias he said, I myself am the incharge of the RR Nagar and was there whilst the nomination was filed by the Muniratna. As for now have busy schedules of the Dasara will be heading for the campaign after that. And however the by-election is on 3rd of the November so that doesn’t matter much.

He expressed his faith saying Muniratna will be winning the election with the lead of 30-40 thousand votes. When asked about the other constituency he said even there the victory is of BJP but can’t say surely what will be the lead. I can say about this RR Nagar as it is adjacent to my constituency and I and Muniratna have won here twice.

Asserting about the rumors of the internal agreement of the JDS and BJP he said there isn’t any internal agreement nor external agreement, this is election and there isn’t any need of the internal agreement when we are 100% sure of winning. He further added as Muniratna has dine good work at the wards with the sanctions of the govt. and he alone is able to win so there won’t be any need of the internal or external agreement.