Murder at the backgrounds of old hostility at Shivbasava Nagar of Belagavi.


An incident of murdering a 24 year old man for some old hostilities has took place at the Shivbasava Nagar of Belagavi that comes under Malmaruti Police station.

According to the case registered by the father Sherkhan Sayad Habib Pathan of the dead victim Shabaz Sherkhan Pathan (24) has been brutally murdered at Shivbasava Nagar. As reported the victim had been to market from where the accusers have followed him till the Shivbasava Nagar. After reaching a particular less crowded area they have hit his bike and then have attacked him with lethal weapons. The victim was badly injured and had caused death at the spot the other who had been with the victim has got some injuries but has somehow saved his life.

The motif behind the crime is said to be some old hostilities between the victim and the accusers. The police after the complaint have taken sudden action and have arrested two accusers. Among the two accusers one is Basavaraj Siddappa Nayak (27) and the other is Basappa Holyappa Daddi (26) residents of Mutyanatti.

The DCP of Belagavi has informed as the accusers are being probed for now and he will be reporting the further developments after the completion of the probes.