National Forest Martyrs Day at Belagavi – Dignitaries to the Martyr Officials.


Remembering the martyrs killed by the criminals along with the remembrance of the soldiers and the police officials attained martyrdom while serving for the rescue of forest and the resources the Naitonal Forest Martyrs Day is being celebrated on September 11 around the state. The same way the celebration was in Belagavi as well.

Reserving the forest and wildlife is essential for the development of human race. The struggles of stoppages of the criminals who put axes to the trees and bullets on animals is not that common, it is very dangerous to operate in the dense forests startling about the attacks of criminals and wild animals. At many instances the staffs have lost their lives by the forest larceners by which the families have those martyrs have become orphan and have wept to the highest. For the remembrance of those officials is the National Forest Martyrs Day is held every year on September 11.

The same way Friday on 11th September the occasion was held at the Forest Dept. premises at Belagavi at first the air fire was done by the officers as a dignitary to the martyrs. The DCF of Belagavi Basavaraj Patil spoke by the time and said while the time of service at the forest the officials face many problems but the officials risking their life serve in reserving the forest and wildlife, remembering those who have lost their lives becomes the first priority of ours. We are with the families of the martyr soldiers.

Then spoke the DFO M V Amarnath about the Bishnoi community of Khejarli village in Rajasthan, remembering the sacrifice and martyrdom of whom the day is announced as the Forest Martyrs day by the govt.

By the time SFO S K Kallolikar, ACF Ashok Madar, RFO R H Dombargi, DYCF J R Nayak, and other officials were present.