No Chance for Karnataka Bandh, farmer leaders should understand our motifs of APMC Act – CM BSY


Where on one side the JDS and Congress have stood pro the farmers protest and Karnataka Bandh, on the other side CM BSY has denied the chance for Karnataka Bandh.

Speaking to the medias today the CM of Karnataka B S Yadiyurappa said there won’t be any chances for Karnataka Bandh.

By the press meet the CM said “the viewpoint of our govt. and the objectives of PM are pro farmers, why we have brought amendments to the APMC is because to provide complete freedom to the farmer to sell his product anywhere in the state and the nation. The act has been welcomed by 90 out 100 farmers. Our motif is to provide a complete right to the farmer on his grown.

He further said “We have fulfilled the longstanding demand of the farmers. At least now the farmer leaders should understand our motif and drop the idea of Bandh and creating a state of unrest”, and at last he strictly said as there won’t be any chance provided to Karnataka Bandh.