Non Cooperation Protest by the Medical Officers for the fulfillment of their demands – Belagavi


Alleging as the govt. hasn’t responded to the appeals like salary hike and others the Medical Officers of the State Medical Officers Association have protested emblematically and have appealed the govt. through the ZP CEO for the fulfillment of their demands at Belagavi. They have reported as they will show the non cooperation to the govt. by not reporting to the govt. till 21st September.

The officers passed the information to the govt. as though we gave the deadline for the fulfillment of our demands till August 15 the govt. hasn’t responded to that now we aren’t going to report the govt. till September 21 and after that we will stop all the other services except emergency. On 31st of this month all the units of association will held a Chalo Banglore Moment.

Speaking by the time the vice president of the association said it is ruthless as the demands of the lifesavers are being neglected, on behalf of this a huge protest will take place in which more than 3000 officers form all the 30 districts will participate.

By the time many officials and doctors of the association were present.