Not for the “Uplitment of the people” but for the “looting of the State” Yadiyurappa has come to power – Ex CM Siddramaiah.


Yadiyurappa has given 20-30cr to each MLA to come into the power, he hasn’t come for the uplifting of the people but for the looting of the state charged the Ex CM Siddramaiah.

Known for his comic timing, speaking at the inaugural of the New Congress Office at Belagavi he pulled CM’s leg by saying “I have been called as a Huliya (Tiger) by the people but the party members of himself have called him Rajahuli (King tiger). I straightly have told the Yadiyurappa himself as he is corrupt. There isn’t any party as corrupt as BJP. Do they have any worth being in power? He made a serious allege as the govt. doesn’t has money to pay the govt. officials.