Officials of Teacher’s Union boycott the ceremony for not being invited on the stage.


An act of moving out of the ceremony and boycotting the ceremony has taken place in Belagavi by the officials of teacher’s union for not inviting the president of Primary School Teacher’s Union on stage.

Dist. level Teacher’s day celebration was organized today at St. Anthony School Belagavi. Teachers from different schools were present at the moment as per the orders of the commissioner of education dept. every teacher was supposed to be invited on the stage but, the officials have purposefully offended the teachers by not following the orders. They haven’t invited the president of the union on the stage.

Dist. unit President of Primary School Teacher’s Union Jaykumar Hebli spoke by the time and said this is 1st time he is facing such an insult at his service period. He appealed the dept. to take actions against the officials who are responsible, otherwise in the upcoming days a protest will take place against this act and the officials of education dept. will be responsible of the causalities.