Old farmer lady asks for DCM Laxman Savadi to wash him nicely – protest by farmers of Ramdurg.


The farmers of the Ramdurg Taluk of Belgavi who are the flood victims of the last year have set a protest in front of the DC office at Belagavi. The angry protesters alleged as the govt. hasn’t sanctioned any reliefs yet even though they are suffering hardships losing their yards and the houses.

Speaking by the time and old farmer lady named Yallamma that calls herself as a chairman said there is only one thing left with the Yadiyurappa and that is to salute him touching his feet. She asked the medias as is our Savadi there? If he is here then call him out will wash him nicely before we leave. Or else tell us if the Jarkiholi is there will ask him to kill the poor by poisoning them. One should be aware as from whom they have got the identification. They should have least proud and concern about us. It has been 15 months that we are suffering not a day or week and that is why we have come here to visit the DC and ask what he can do for us.

She further didn’t even spare the opposition leader Siddramaiah she said he too has visited the village and we heard he is ill, or else we were willing to wash him as well and ask him as why has he become an opposition leader.

She asked fiercely as is the govt. doesn’t have the least value to relief the victims. What should we do if the govt. goes on saying we don’t have money repeatedly? Why did they assure us first? We are looking as whether they meet us somewhere as they only have assured us of the reliefs.

In total at the DC Office of Belagavi the dashing attitude and the fiery words of the Old farmer lady had been the centre of attraction.