Only the GO was issued but no actions were taken – D K Shivkumar.


Speaking about the 1600-cr lockdown relief the KPCC President D K Shivkumar alleged as only the GO were issued but no actions have been taken yet.

The KPCC president said it will hardly take 5-6 days to provide the one-time compensation which was declared by the govt. to the barbers and the taxi drivers. He questioned as when the govt. will do the needful is it after carrying their bodies to the house. Speaking further he said none has got the benefits of the 1600-cr lockdown relief if the reliefs have reached everyone then the govt. must provide the detailed information of it. He alleged as this is the diseased govt. drowned in the scams.

Further he spoke about the 20-lakh cr relief of the Central govt. and said Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman and PM Modi haven’t given any proper information of the relief, the State govt. called a meet with the bankers and said there is a grief of GDP decline. He alleged as the govt. has got down fall in the maintenance of Covid-19. He further asked is there need of any bigger scam than those of Ambulance and Kits purchase.