Opposition has showed height of intolerance in Parliament today – Union Minister Prrahlad Joshi.


The opposition has showed the height of intolerance today in the parliament; especially the Congress and DMK are the major parties that have done injustice by violating the democratic system alleged the Union Minister Prahlad Joshi.

As a govt. we are introducing a law and as a opposition they are supposed to oppose if they don’t like the particular law but is the way of behaving in the parliament. Many time the parliament session has been held till 1:30 and sometimes till 2:00 it isn’t apt to say as not to hold the session after 1:00 what would have happened if the session was held till 1:30 or 2:00 what was the logic behind saying as not hold the session after 1:00 it is a conspiracy against the govt. said the minister.

The Minister said the oppositions have killed the democracy and he strongly condemns it. He said what oppositions have done is the height of indiscipline and height of intolerance.

By the end he said the oppositions think of themselves as “Baadshah” (Kings or Sovereigns). We condemn the unruly behavior of the opposition and we will never budge to such threats.