Pay the farmers who lost their lands at Sambra Airport before Sep 24th – 4th Additional Civil Court Orders.


The farmers who lost their lands at the Sambra Airport Belagavi were yet unpaid regards to this the farmers attacked the AC office seizing the furnitures of the office on the orders of 4th additional civil court.

At the time of construction of the airport the Central and State govt. have acquired 30 acre 30 guntha of 60 farmers and 4 acre of 8 farmers but the hasn’t paid the farmers yet. When the farmers appealed the justice officer of 4th additional civil court the judge ordered to pay the farmers and even suggested the farmers to get hold of the AC office and seize the furnitures from there.

When the farmers along with their lawyers attacked the office, the AC Ashok Teli went to the Judge and requested for some time to pay the debts, for which the court has given time till 24th of September.

What happens on 24th is a must watch episode of the Sambra Airport conflict.