People allege perfunctory visit by Minister Shahikala Jolle: Minister defends saying have concern.


The flood affects of Bhima river has completely shook the Vijaypur dist. At many villages people have climbed their roofs to save their lives. The Incharge Minister that went to listen to the victims has acted as if has visited perfunctorily.

The flood has created series of disasters at the Vijaypur dist. whereas some villages have completely become aquatic some have been partially. The villagers are weeping out for assistance one side and on the other sides are trying to save their lives along with the livestock. In total the whole dist. is under the clutches of the many hardships.

When the anger of the victims was raging the Incharge Minister Shashikala Jolle has paid perfunctory visit to the places. When the Minister tried to take the Chadchan Tahshildar into charge shockingly the villagers themselves took the minister into charge saying it his him who has stood with us and has supported us. He is doing his work efficiently. After all this mess she went to the meeting hall and addressing the vijaypur people said as I am concerned about you all but I wasn’t able to visit due being positive for corona. And assured as soon will be taking actions to provide facilities.