Porcupine captured by the Forest officials at the Bhagyanagar of Belagavi.


At Bhagya nagar, Tilakwadi, Belgaum which is a very big residential area since last many days the people have been noticing the Porcupine and its roaming from one place to another. The locals had informed to the DCF, Amaranth and he had sent his Forest officer’s to nab and trap the animal but they went unsuccessful in getting hold of it. The animal had created a sense of fear in the minds of the locals as it is a crowded area and the kids will be playing out of the houses.

Yesterday night the resident of the colony Amit Deepak Aversekar has seen it in front of his house at 8th A cross in the midnight around 1am and in the it went inside the gutter besides the house and after lot of efforts the gutter was packed from both the sides. The forest officials that retried getting hold of the porcupine today failed again for which the locals started firing as the experienced team is required for the catching of the animal. They further started blaming the forest officials as these kinds of things are taking place due to the demolishment of the forests and it is the duty of the officials as to look as no such animals enter the city especially such crowded areas.

Finally after too many efforts the forest team that arrived to captivate the porcupine succeeded in getting hold of it and has released it in the Bhimgad forest. After all the mess the residents of the Bhagyanagar have thanked the officials and said they are grateful to them.