Prayers, penance, fasting and religious services mark Good Friday


Prayers, penance, fasting and religious services mark Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross in and around Belagavi. Beginning their day with the “Way of the Cross” that was held in all the churches, special prayer services were held in Fatima Cathedral, At Anthony’s Church and Immaculate Conception Church at Camp and all the other churches across the city.

In his Good Friday message Bishop Derek asked the people to repent for their sins at the foot of the Cross. ” Mystery of the Cross begins with the birth of Christ. Jesus lived like anyone but without any sin, however he went through the mockery of the trial and was nailed on the Cross between two thieves. He rose again on the third day.

For anything sin runs concurrently. Hence, forgiven by God in the sacrament of reconciliation our life can have better’ meaning and purpose” Bishop Fernandes said
Quoting Bishop Fulton J Sheen he said that , there are two types of repentances, one is repenting under one self and repenting under Christ…. Former can destroy us and the atter can give new life, Bishop Fernandes said further.

” Let us now have a good look at Christ hanging on the Cross this good Friday. Let’s realize that it is he who brought the redemption and continues this redemptive action every day as long as we repent at the foot of his Cross. Lets be reminded that repentance and submitting ourselves to the Lord fully is important” Bishop Fernandes ascertained.

In his sermon at St John the Baptist Church, Fr John said that Jesus Christ by his death has taught us suffering, which is essence of Christian life he said.

The prayer services continued till late evenings. Cheistians will celebrate the feast of Easter Saturday night as the mark of resurrection of Jesus Christ from the death.