Protest by Ambedkar Kranti Yuva Vedike condemning the gang rape of a Dalit woman at UP


At the backgrounds of a gang rape of a Dalit woman namely Manisha Valmiki many severe protests are being held nationwide. The protests are demanding for the severe actions and execution of the accusers. The same way the protest by the Ambedkar Kranti Yuva Vedike held a protest at Belagavi today.

Condemning the incident of gang rape of the 20 year old Dalit woman of Hathras and the inhuman act of the UP police the protest has been set at the Belagavi by the Ambedkar Kranti Yuva Vedike on Tuesday.

The protesters omitted slogans against the UP CM Aditynath and the UP Police as an output of their anger.

The protesters by the time warned as if the accusers are left out without any penalizing then with the massive protest will be held nationwide and will shoot the criminals. The angry protesters said they are treating the Dalit woman as just, but form now onward we won’t keep quite if we try anything on their communities then it will be very severe. They knock backed the accusers, UP Police, and the UP govt. and CM as well.