Protest by the Phule Market Vendors appealing for the clearing of seize of warehouse by Municipality.


The Municipality of Belagavi has seized the market Mahatma Phule Market due to the nonpayment of the taxes, by this the Lemon, Chilly, Onion and some other daily use product vendors are facing problems, immediately the seize should be cleared and facilitate the vendors, appealing such the Mahatma Phule Market vendors set a protest in front of the DC office at Belagavi and also submitted a memo to the DC.

Already due to the lockdown the merchant class has been stuck, in such time the market has been seized by the municipality. The vendors are severely struggling due to seize made for the taxes unpaid. The vendors have paid the rents without miss, have paid the fines for marketing on the streets, so the market should be cleared and facilitate the vendors appealed the protesters.

Speaking by the time the vendor namely Aziz said the municipality has troubled the vendors by seizing the market and appealed as the market should be opened and should facilitate the vendors.