R Ashok re-pokes Siddramaiah as hasn’t come out of the hallucination yet.


Siddramaiah on Monday poked BJP govt. as the Percentage Govt. replying to it at the meeting in Belagavi the Revenue Minister R Ashok re-poked saying as they haven’t come out of the hallucination of the percentage govt. of their administration period. They think still their corrupt govt. is there at power.

Replying to the alleges made by the Opposition leader Siddramaiah about the sanctioning of money and the DJ Halli and KG Halli roits the Revenue Minister after the meeting at the ZP Office said Siddramaiah hasn’t come out of the hallucination of the percentage and has thought as their govt. is at the administration and that is why everything seems to be the same to him. He further verbally attacked him saying as the govt. has given order as to keep 700 Crore in the accounts of DC. There isn’t any deficiency of money at the govt. Whilst Siddramaiah got down from the power the accounts were completely zero, but now the situations have changed. There isn’t any doubt about what Kumarswamy saying as the govt. was demolished by Siddramaiah himself.