Raju Jamkhandikar hollers against Lakshman Savadi.


Uproar has been created by the incongruous statement of DCM Lakshman Savadi in the matter of adding Talwar to the Scheduled Tribes. Since 50 years the protest for the reservation of the scheduled tribes is being carried. In which there isn’t any reference of alternative sect, the statement given by the DCM at the circuit house of Athani has created uproar about the reservation of Talwar community. In the upcoming session at Vidhanasoudha, the DCM should provide justice to the Talwar community by giving an apt statement.

Raju Jamkhandikar insisted as if the DCM abides by his statement then he must step forward to prove that and in case he fails to prove his point then he must resign from his post.

Central Govt. has already sanctioned the addition of Talwar community to the scheduled tribes but the State Govt. is stepping back, the acts of creating uproars should be stopped immediately and the ST sectarian letters should be provided to the members of the Talwar community or else this will lead to a huge protest at the time of session and siege of Vidhansoudha.