Rejuvenations of the old photos lying on the sides of streets by the youth – Belagavi


Those who pray the portraits of the Gods, most of the times throw them by the sides of the streets, trees, lakes, river banks and sometimes temples when the portraits get old or damaged. This besides spoiling the environment also seems as the insult of the gods thinking about this the Belagavi resident namely Veeresh Hiremath along with his friend started a work of giving nirvana to those photos and idols since last year.

Speaking about this to the medias Chandrashekhar Swamiji of Hukkeri Mutt said since two years for the sake of plastic free India have been distributing 2 Lakh cloth bags within and even outside of India and have been giving awareness of the prohibition of the plastic. Besides this at last Dasara we have distributed steel dustbins for the sake Swach Bharat Abhiyan. We have given awareness of the cleanliness by cleaning the Hiranyakeshi river near the Holemma Temple of Badakundri village by cleaning it. But the work which Veeresh along with friends has done has brought our theme into action.