Release of new products soon to empower the KMF: KMF President Balachandra Jarkiholi.


Even at the Lockdown the KMF has gained the profits of 128 crore. Many new products including the chocolates and the bread are being released. The uplifting of the farmers is our ultimate aim said the KMF President and the MLA Balachandra Jarkiholi.

Speaking at the Cooperative week organized at the presidency of the cooperative minister S T Somshekhar the KMF President said by facilitating more to the dairying the KMF that has facilitated the farmers has stepped ahead to develop more. Already many products have been launched at the Banglore and have gained the public interest. At January some other products including the Chocolate and the bread will be released soon.

He further added as the efforts are being made to raise the productivity according to the demands. There is a price war in the market. The KMF is all set for the competition with the private companies.