Shivanand Wali has devoured worth 5-6 Crore property of K Kalyan – DCP Vikram Amte.


With the primary investigation it has been clear as by the witchcraft the property worth 5-6 crore has been devoured of the romance poet, and the lyricist K Kalyan informed the DCP Law and Order, Vikram Amte.

Speaking at the press meet held in the Malmaruti Police Station he said with regards to the complaint registered by K Kalyan at the Malmaruti Police Station the team led by CPI B R Gaddekar held a investigation and has rescued the wife and the family of the K Kalyan. The Shivanand Wali has accepted the crime at the primary probe and it is clarified on his statement 9 maxi cabs, 350 gm silver items , 6 kg gold items and the properties worth around 5-6 crore including Hubli, Dharwad, Banglore and Belagavi were transferred to his name.

He further added as Shivanand Wali has also accepted the crime of cheating K Kalyan by sending a woman namely Ganga Kulkarni to Kalyan’s house with own plans to devour property. For now the probe has continued and we are waiting for more information and we request the people as it isn’t necessary to be afraid of any witchcrafts if there are any suspicions then do inform the police.