Should wait for public decision – Satish Jarkiholi


Today the state’s ever first Congress Office canteen was held at Belagavi at the leadership of the KPCC President Satish Jarkiholi, Rural MLA Laxmi Helbbalkar and Khanpur MLA Anjali Nimbalkar.

After the information of the Canteen the KPCC President asserted to the political questions of the reporters and said have been repeatedly telling as nothing can happen even though there are 4 Ministers and can’t say anything more than this and should wait for the public decision as the State govt. isn’t responding to our requests.

He further added as tomorrow one of the ministers will pay the visit and will return as usual but we need money to precede with work for the reliefs the Tahshildar and the DC should have money. Our leaders have been requesting as 1 crore should be released for each taluk if released then the works will proceed.

Speaking further about DCM Karjol he said that is what the failure of the BJP govt. is as their ministers are able to pay visit to the places they are will to but they can’t visit and survey the losses occurred in the state. He suggested as the ministers should pay visit to the areas and the fields and should hold meetings with the farmers as well as the administrators.

He firmly replied to the question about the Congress failure and said as the Congress has never stopped its protest and neither has failed let the elections arrive the public itself will be giving the results. We from our side have never failed to put pressures on the govt. When asked about the helplessness of the Afazalpur Congress MLA he said the ruling party should sanction the reliefs first without it the MLA is obviously helpless.

Speaking about the Sira and RR nagar By-polls he said last time due to technical faults we have failed but this time will be achieving the victory and replying to the CM statements as the victory is already declared but only the difference of votes is about to be counted he humorously said as not of victory but of the failures difference is about to be counted.